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Charlie Dark

Founder of cult running collective Run Dem Crew


Charlie Dark is a DJ, poet and writer who formed Run Dem Crew in the winter of 2007, as an alternative to more traditional running clubs. Run Dem Crew has grown from a casual run around the neighbourhood with friends to a large and multifaceted organisation with fingers in many creative pies. Be you a marathon veteran or taking your first steps towards your first race, the Run Dem Crew caters for runners of all abilities with runs split into groups according to fitness and pace.

Top tips

One of the best ways to get to know a foreign city is through running and one of our favourite routes in London takes in Tower Bridge, which is just over half a mile from Residence Inn London Bridge and marks the half way point of the London Marathon!

From the hotel, you should head towards Tower Bridge Road - it’s slightly uphill, so take it easy so you don’t run out of breath before you reach the bridge! Keep on the left-hand side of the bridge when you get there, and take a break when you reach the middle to admire the view down the River Thames.

Our next destination is Tower Bridge. It’s roughly just over half a mile from your hotel and the half way point of the London marathon. There are various ways to get to the bridge but the most direct route is to head towards Tower Bridge Road as that leads directly onto Tower Bridge.It’s slightly uphill so take it easy so you don’t run out of breath before you reach the Bridge. Keep on the left-hand side of the Bridge and stop when you reach the middle and look down the River Thames. On the left hand side you should be able to see the Shard which you visited on your previous run. You now have a couple of options to continue your route. If you run towards the end of the bridge you will see The Tower of London on your left but if you turn back on yourself and walk down the steps at the foot of the bridge you come to the Southside of the Embankment. We’ll be exploring this area in our next run but for now have a little wander and take a picture with the bridge in the back ground.
On today’s route we’ll be heading towards St Paul’s Cathedral Via the Millennium Bridge. Head towards the Shard and then London Bridge and then onto the river. Follow the river towards the Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre and then keep going going until you see the Tate Modern Gallery. The Gallery is right on the river by the Millennium Bridge. You can stop at the gallery if you need water or toilets on your run or a coffee or refreshments. As you head over Millennium Bridge you will see St Paul’s in the distance. Once you get to St Paul’s do a lap around the cathedral and then head back towards the Bridge. If you are looking for a good place for launch then check out the restaurant at the top of the Tate Modern Gallery, it has awesome views across the city and the food is divine.
Today we are going along with a run that starts at Tower Bridge and follows the South Side of the Embankment all the way to the London Eye. It’s roughly 2.5 miles from your hotel. Along the way look out for HMS Belfast, The Golden Hinde and Borough Market. Once you come to Waterloo Bridge you’ll see an area called the South Bank Centre and the National Theatre the London Eye will be just ahead of you.
On this route we’ll be switching things up and exploring the Northside of the river along an area known as the Embankment. This is a great route for those looking for a long stretch of road without the interruption of traffic lights or too many pedestrians. Head towards Tower Bridge and once you get there and run towards and Millennium Bridge. Cross over the bridge and when you get to the end walk down the steps and continue running towards Big Ben on the Northside of the river following the curve of the river past Temple Station. This route takes in the final stretch of the London Marathon so if you begin to get tired imagine thousands of people cheering you towards the finish line. When you reach Big Ben cross over Westminster Bridge and head towards the end of the Bridge and turn left at the end towards The London Aquarium and the London eye. Keep following the river until you come to London Bridge and finish strong as you head home.