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Pandora Paloma

A holistic nutritionist, life coach, yoga teacher and founder of Rooted London


Pandora Paloma is a holistic nutrition and life coach and founder of ROOTED LONDON, who specialises in women's health, intuitive eating and living and self-love empowerment. She also hosts group workshops, healing sessions and yoga and nutrition workshops, as well as hosting retreats in the UK and abroad.

Top tips

My 1 tip to fitness in Kensington. Whilst London is seen as a busy city - and of course it is - what many don’t realise is the large amount of green space we have dotted around the city. Kensington is surrounded by luscious green spaces from Holland Park to London’s infamous Kensington Gardens and Hyde Park. Whether it’s a gentle stroll soaking up mother nature or a brisk walk or run to shake the body up, getting outside is nourishing in more ways than one. Fresh air and exercise is my favourite combination!
If it’s a chilly season, my go to is Evolve Wellness Centre, which offers yoga, wellness treatments and one-off events to inspire both body and mind. My top tip would be to walk there from the hotel, to benefit from both outside and inside comfort. Try their range of yoga classes from aerial yoga to a deeply calming restorative or yin. This is my go-to to find balance in the midst of the bustle of Kensington. http://www.evolvewellnesscentre.com
Get a Body MOT with The Organic Pharmacy. Honouring your health has never been so important. One of my favourite places is The Organic Pharmacy who offer a Health Assessment using combination of a homeopathic consultation along with a Galvanic Body scan which measures the electrical conductance of the skin related to sweat gland responses. Get to know your body and start the Summer giving it exactly what it needs. http://www.theorganicpharmacy.com/our-treatments/Health-Treatments#-1
Meditation changed my life in a massive way and I wax lyrical about the benefits to anyone who will listen. I studied Vedic meditation which uses a mantra that quiets the mind and takes you to a settled state. As your mind settles, your body begins to rest more deeply than sleep so you come out of meditation feeling clear, refreshed, and ready to engage. Luckily, the wonderful London Meditation Centre is local to the hotel so sign up for a free intro talk. https://www.londonmeditationcentre.com/
TulaMassage with Evangeline De Michele. Unlike any other massage technique, Tulamassage is a meditative form of bodywork in which the practitioner follows and glides along the natural pathways that run through and around your body in time with specific rhythms and pieces of music like a choreography. It’s like nothing else! http://www.evangelinedimichele.co.uk/
Our skin is our biggest organ so it’s no surprise I aim to look after it with regular facials. Sarah Chapman is London's most sought-after facialist and signature skincare line Skinesis came from her desire to create truly transformative products. I've tried them and they work! Check into her Chelsea clinic for a truly transformative facial. http://www.sarahchapman.net/
Hidden away in Adam and Eve Mews is my go-to place for alternative treatments, Anamaya. Gone are the days when self-care meant a monthly massage. With our lives busier than ever, we need to protect our bodies and mind health as much as each other. Anamaya has a host of alternative practitioners from acupuncture to reflexology and nutrition, you’ll find something to satisfy whatever needs attention. https://anamaya.co.uk
Try raw with Raw Vegan Restaurant Nama. This restaurant not only offers the most delicious food but also educates on the raw revolution with courses. Try their raw vegan cakes and all manner of information on the raw vegan lifestyle - perfect for Summer when our body can handle raw foods much better. https://namafoods.com/